A Few Words About Academic Furnishings, LLC

IMG_20160318_115213012_HDRThere would be no Academic Furnishings, LLC if not for Richard F. Boyer and Library Design & Equipment Company. Prior to starting Academic Furnishings, LLC in 2000, Brian spent a decade working with Mr.Boyer, who many considered to be the ultimate library furnishings guru. He began as an installer, quickly graduated to field supervisor, then project manager. Along with the wide variety of library project experience attained, the most measurable impact of this first phase of his career is the desire to always try to do the very best for our customers, no matter what it takes. Mr. Boyer likely set an unattainable example, but we’ll keep trying.

The same notion is also true for the various manufacturers represented by Academic Furnishings, LLC. This makes for great teamwork, and allows for the seamless coordination of products, colors & finishes, etc. for a complete package of furnishings & equipment for your library, delivered and installed. One source to furnish your entire library, inside and out.

With more than 25 years of experience serving libraries in a variety of capacities, including working as a subcontractor, lead contractor, space planner, project manager and more, there is almost certainly something Academic Furnishings, LLC can contribute to your library’s project. From small orders of just a few book supports, to large projects like nearly 1,000 sections of shelving for a university book storage facility, and hundreds of library projects in between, we’ve been there and done that. That’s why we can help you.

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Why Choose Academic Furnishings, LLC


Trained by those who shaped today’s library furnishings industry


Over 25 years designing & furnishing hundreds of libraries


Excellent library products sourced from the best manufacturers


Excellent products and services, fair prices, done right, no exceptions