Library Shelving For Sale

news-shelvesOccasionally, even I make mistakes. I have three sections of 82" high x 12" deep x 36" wide Oak wood Library shelving with matching enclosed wood back panels, including 1 starter and 2 adder sections that were mistakenly ordered in the incorrect finish. Hey, I was only off by 1 digit! This shelving is a medium-light finish. Anyway, my error can be to your benefit.

This shelving would normally sell for approximately $2,500.00 including crating, shipping, delivery and installation. I would love to find a home for this shelving, but it has to go as a complete package (adders don't work without starters!). Cutting my losses, I will accept $1,200.00 to deliver and install this shelving in your library (within geographical reason, of course).

If interested, please contact me to discuss the details.