Library Service Offerings

The main services provided by Academic Furnishings, LLC are summarized below. Because every library and project is different, new and unique challenges are often encountered. If you don’t see the specific products or services you are looking for listed here or in the products section, please feel free to contact us.

Furnishings & Installation
A wide variety of furnishings are available, as are delivery, assembly, and installation services...

Regardless of the type of project your library is undertaking, Academic Furnishings LLC's consulting services will help ensure your project will go smoothly...

Space Planning
Comprehensive space planning and drawing services are offered for your new or existing library spaces...

Project Management
Purchases, renovations, and new construction projects benefit greatly from Academic Furnishing LLC's project management services...

Services Overview

Furnishings & Installation

  • variety of furnishings
  • custom designs
  • delivery & installation
  • reconfiguration & modification
  • furniture & shelving maintenance
  • safety assessments & upgrades


  • furnishings budgets
  • fundraising ideas
  • written assessments
  • board presentations
  • construction consulting

Space Planning

  • problem solving
  • environment freshening
  • creating usable space
  • new space design & development
  • drawing & review

Project Management

  • finding a direction
  • developing a plan
  • assembling a team
  • dealing with issues
  • getting it done