Library Consulting

library consulting services

Library Purchasing, Renovation & Construction Consulting Services

Academic Furnishings, LLC can provide a variety of Library Consulting Services, regardless of the type of project your Library is undertaking. Library Staffs and Boards are often burdened by dealing with complicated issues never before experienced and don’t know where to start. Even small projects require proper planning, and larger projects can be overwhelming.  Whether your Library is making a small purchase, renovating, or planning new construction, Academic Furnishings, LLC can help you find a direction for your project. Consultations, Board Presentations and written assessments can be provided.

We Facilitate Communication

Communication is critical to the success of any Library project, and issues can arise between Staff members, Staffs and Boards, and between Board Members. Board Presentations can be very helpful to clear up communication issues by providing honest and straightforward information regarding options for your project, and by providing open questions and answers sessions to give all participants an opportunity to ask questions and hear unfiltered feedback based on over 25 years of experience.