Library Space Planning

library space planningAcademic Furnishings, LLC provides a variety of Library Space Planning Services, whether you are simply rearranging your existing shelving and furniture to improve your Library’s environment, re-configuring your furnishings to make room for additional shelving or furniture, or planning an entirely new space.  On site assessment, design and drawing services can be provided to create and finalize a plan.  Design services can also be provided in conjunction with your Library’s architect, and this can help to bridge the professional communication gap that often exists. Even if your plans are complete and you would like a “second opinion” review to be sure, feel free to inquire.

Space planning and drawing services are performed in house by Academic Furnishings, LLC.  Library Staff interviews are conducted to gain the best possible understanding of the project goals.  Field measurements and furnishings inventories are taken to accurately reproduce your space and environment, then changes are made until the best possible design is selected and finalized.  Drawings are generated in AutoCAD and provided in paper and/or PDF form.

The drawings below are an example of an environment update. The primary purpose was bringing library customer service to the forefront. The revision insures customers are greeted with an open view of the entire library and able to see the new service center upon entry. Along with an expansion of the Young Adult area, six additional computers were added, periodicals and lounge areas were relocated together, media shelving was added, unused shelving was relocated, and no seating was lost. The project objective came from the library, the ideas came from our collaboration, and Academic Furnishings, LLC made it happen.